Quiz Software

Hot potatoes
Has 6 question types, interactive multiple-choice, short-answer, jumbled-sentence, crossword, matching/ordering and gap-fill exercises.  Although FREE its project phase is now over and any quizzes created in this software can only be exported to SCORM1.2.

WebQuiz XP
Has 5 question types multiple choice, multiple answer, true / false, fill-in-the-blank (text, whole number, number, mixed) and essay.  Although the fill in the blank was good, it wasn’t that flexible and not intuitive to use.

Seminar learning System
Has 8 question types multi-choice, Yes/No, True/False, Matching, Ordered, Typed, Free Text and Branch.  It’s easy to use and is a flexible tool in that you can embed questions into a ‘presentation’ and have video.

Respondus 4.0
Supports 15 question types and has similar features to Questionmark and is very easy to use.  Also creates a ‘bank’ of questions which can be exported directly to many of the LMS’s on the market.

  • Convert exams from MS Word, including images, equations, and tables
  • Access thousands of ready-to-use test banks (free!), from dozens of leading publishers
  • Publish assessments directly to an online course, or print to paper
  • Migrate assessments from one learning system to another
  • Integrates with: ANGEL®, Blackboard®, Desire2Learn®, eCollege®, Moodle®

Only exports to SCORM1.2

Wondershare QuizCreator
Flash quiz which has 9 Question Types – True/False, Multiple Choice, Multiple Response, Fill in the Blank, Matching, Sequence, Word Bank, Click Map and Short Essay.  This software also allows you to embed .flv and .swf files, .mp3 and screen captures – which could be useful.  Publishes to SCORM2004 and is really easy to use, you can also ‘brand’ the output files (html) if you wish.

The interface is similar to Microsoft Office where all the functions are in the toolbar and you can set up a blank page at the start with instructions and embedded audio instructions if required.  Unfortunately, when I tried this it would crash, who knows why!

iSpring Quizmaker
Also has an interface similar to Microsoft office but I found I couldn’t add an audio track or instruction page.  It exports to flash only NO SCORM 2004 but you can embed the flash file.

There 10 Question Types – True/False, Multiple Choice, Multiple Response, Type In, Matching, Sequence, Numeric, Fill in the Blank, Multiple Choice Text and Word Bank – and it is easy to use and set up questions

It is a very basic, quick and dirty solution, easy to use and has the advantage of being able to embed Youtube videos into the questions.  It has a good fill in the blank question but as yet is not SCORM 2004 compliant.

Questionmark Perception
This has 4 key areas, Analyses and sharing including export to excel; while the authoring tool allows you to brand the content and standardiise your quizzes.  There are other administration tools such as scheduling for managing participants.

The biggest difference between this and other quiz software is that there are 22 question types which can be created and stored in a ‘database’, it can be embedded into HTML/XHTML but it looks like you can’t brand it.

It can be embedded into the IBM WebSphere Portal, Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, SharePoint, MediaWiki, Moodle, Google Wave, NING and it can also be delivered to an iPhone/iPod Touch.

“All question types can include graphics, multimedia, Flash, sound, videos, and URLs pointing to useful learning materials. Perception Authoring Manager allows you to use 22 different question wizards to create a wide variety of question types.”

After creating the topics, questions are created/added to them, mix-‘n-match if you like.

The 22 question types are Drag-and-Drop, Essay question, Explanation screens, File Upload, Fill-in-the-blank, Hotspot, Knowledge Matrix, Survey Matrix, Likert scale, Matching, Multiple choice, Multiple response, Numeric questions, Pull-Down List (selection question, Ranking (Rank in Order), Select-a-blank, True/False, Word response (text match), Yes/No, Adobe Flash, Adobe Captivate Simulations, Spoken Response.

Integrates and publishes to LMS, AICC, SCORM 1.2 and 2004, Web services API and LMS’s through Questionmark connectors (Publish to LMS, Printing and Scanning, AICC, SCORM, JSR-168 Compliant Portals, SAP Enterprise Learning, Microsoft SharePoint, Blackboard, Moodle and uPortal.

By far it’s the best one out there as it integrates with so many systems.

Question writer
This has 9 question types Multiple Choice, True/False, Multiple Response, Fill in the Blank, Matching, Sequencing, Essay, Explanation, Partial Credit.  It’s licensed on a per-author basis. You need a license for each person using the desktop software, but you can allow as many users as you like to take the quizzes.

It’s OK but there are better ones available in my opinion.