Amanda is interested in pedagogic application and design while promoting good learning and teaching practices and includes many teaching techniques such as experiential learning and diagnostic testing to produce material appropriate for a number of student learning styles. Using these experiences and reflecting on her own current teaching practice she has enabled and engaged her students with eLearning.

Currently she is researching emerging technologies such as Web 2.0 technologies and is interested in broadening the use of mobile and reusable learning objects to give the locus of control to her students. She is also looking into techniques to engage students by using social networking (e.g. facebook) for academic purposes.

Amanda is interested in ways of providing effective and timely feedback such as ‘Podcasting’ and ‘Talking Heads’, methods of eAssessment, the accessibility & usability of learning technology and is currently looking into materials to be used with IWB’s to engage students.

Using technology, simply