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Learning & Teaching ConferenceLearning & Teaching Conference

London Metropolitan University

  • Workshop: What is Podcasting and How Do You Create One?
  • Paper: How to Engage First-year Undergraduate Students: A blended-learning approach, a presentation with Sarah Hosken, Early Years lecturer

Learning & Teaching Conference

London Metropolitan University
Workshops: WebCT Campus to Blackboard Vista – What is the difference?



Wilson-Kennard, A. & Holley, D., (2009) ‘Overcoming student fear and resistance: the role of podcasting in formative exam feedback‘. In TERRY, JEFFERIES, & BRACQ (Eds) Proceedings of 4th International Blended Learning Conference, University of Hertfordshire Press, Hatfield, UK June 2009 pp281-289


Hosken, S. & Wilson-Kennard, A. (2010) ‘How to Engage First Year Undergraduate Students: a blended learning approach’. In Investigations in university teaching and learning, vol. 6 (1) spring 2010, ISSN 1740-5106. Accessible at