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Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3What can I say, when I saw this at the picture I thought it was brilliant, Guy Pearce turns from a nerd to a nasty piece of work, menacing in an enigmatic way.  He is an excellent foil to Stark, we see Pepper turn into a real hero, intelligent and caring, someone who can stand up to Stark and not take any nonsense.

It was nice to see how the previous Iron Man films and the Avengers Ensemble were all pulled neatly together for this film, rounding up how and why things had happened and also to see the consequences of ones actions.

Sir Ben Kingsley was perfectly cast as the Mandarin, sinister when playing the ruthless killer, and even better when portraying a thespian and real ‘lovey’.  I loved him and just scene stealing performance.

The core cast were all well matched and Stark’s demons certainly came out to play, Robert Downey Jr is just too good, you can really feel for the character, you think he’s arrogant but really he’s a lost child, scared of loosing Pepper, he has a real vulnerability.

I’ll be getting this on DVD soon and am really looking forward to watching it again.