Mum – A Year On

It’s been a year now since mum’s passing and not a day goes by without me thinking of her or hearing her pearls of wisdom in my head.  Each time I visit the house I expect to see her either opening the door to me or in her usual position, reclining on the sofa, its very strange.

Over the last few years of her life she battled through Cancer and had many setbacks along the way but she always managed to bounce back – like an india rubber ball she used to say – until finally her heart just couldn’t do it any more and she departed this life in her sleep a night in October 2016.

Mum being thoughtful
Mum being thoughtful

What a heart she had though, a great big one, where she never put herself first and always considered others, too much sometimes.  She didn’t complain and soldiered on and nothing was impossible, she’s greatly missed by all those who knew and loved her.

Over the years she accomplished so much, she worked, kept house and looked after a husband, 3 children and at one point her mother too, all in one house!

Both mum and dad were fully supportive of everything we did, never judgmental and always encouraging us to be the best we could be.  They took an active interest in our lives and were proud of how we had turned out.

Mum and dad, courting
Mum and dad, courting

After working hard all their lives, dad couldn’t wait to retire and was raring to go in the next phase of their lives.

Unfortunately, that was not meant to be, dad passed away early in his retirement and left mum to carry on without him and carry on she did.  She attacked life with her full force and was always out somewhere, gallivanting around with her many friends.  With dad gone, she was also able to add to her collection of ‘things’ which meant every surface was covered and she’d ask for another shelf erected somewhere.  But that was mum, she found pleasure in everything and although we could only see ‘stuff’ everywhere, mum could see all her life’s trinkets and memories.

Mum paragliding
Mum about to go paragliding from a boat in Cyprus

Fearless and her have a go attitude meant she’d give anything a try, nothing stopped her and her illnesses were just a blip or hiccup, nothing to get in the way of enjoying life.

She went travelling with Sybilla, took up belly dancing, continued with her art and enjoyed films and theatre.

I can see her now, wherever that may be, continuing to collect knick knacks, building paper towers everywhere and occupying all surfaces with something, but now it’s dad’s job again to keep it under control, poor soul!  Maybe he’s “Mr Toad on the open road” taking mum out on his “magical mystery tours” or just enjoying the afterlife together, who knows but it’s a nice thought don’t you think?