Life’s Crossroads

What happens when you reach that time in your life when it all becomes routine?

How do you break out and just do something different?

For many years you commute between Bristol (home) and London (work) and start the working week at 05:20 on a coach and returning at 19:00 to a full weekend with quality time to spend together.

But the commuting takes it’s toll, it puts a strain on the relationship, 5 days a week your single, doing your own things, then it changes for the weekend. How can any relationship survive?

So, too improve your life you change jobs to get closer to home and end up seeing even less of each other!  How did that happen?

You swap walking to work for driving.  The hours spent for work is longer, eating in to your social time.  You start putting on weight so to feel better about yourself you join a gym to get fit but you do that alone and spend even more time apart.

You get home tired and no longer keep up with your joint interests let alone anything else.

Then something happens to make you take stock of your life, in fact 3 things:

  1. Your mum gets diagnosed with an aggressive cancer and you spend many weekends away from home.
  2. Work becomes difficult and not what you hoped it would be, skills obtained over 10 years are not being utilised and frustration sets in.  You’re unable to keep up with the learning community you were once a part of.
  3. Things at home go wrong. Have we drifted too far apart?

Stop, it’s time to get your life back.

No more sloathing and watching too much TV, it’s time to think about what you want from life.  After all you have only one!

It’s time to make some changes, de-clutter, get rid of the gadgets accumulated over time that are just not needed any more.  It’s time to get serious and get sorting!

I’ve also seen some interesting classes at the community college, it’s time to get back to photography or maybe do something different, perhaps some woodwork or upholstery classes would be good?

Then there’s stuff to do together, walks, squash and increasing the social circle.  Perhaps something different like salsa classes – anything is possible.  Making time for each other is the key.

So to that end its time to get proactive, New Year coming with new opportunities.  Get creative and do more…