The Woman In Black

woman-in-blackWe watched this last night on Netflix – what a great film.

Essentially this is a 2 person show, Kipps and the ghost, with the majority of the scenes in and around the house and gardens – very spooky and atmospheric.

The supporting cast were all well rounded characters with their own stories to tell but Kipps was the one you were drawn too with a sad back story.

Basically, it’s the story of a lawyer coming to terms with the tragic loss of his wife and being left with supporting and remaining strong for his son.  His firm sends him to a remote location to sort out and prepare for its sale.

Unbeknown to him, a dark secret exists which neither his firm or the residents of the local village deems fit to tell him, but they do try to encourage him to leave without providing a reason.

As time passes, strange things happen and he see’s someone, he just doesn’t know who.  With some investigation he discovers the family who lived in the house had ‘stolen’ a child from a mother who was now seeking revenge on all mothers with some very sad consequences.

This is what I would call a proper ghost story, relying on your imagination which creates scenarios way more scary than CGI and special effects.

How it compares to the book I can’t say but compared to the stage version I saw in the West End it was equally brilliant and I enjoyed them immensely.

Daniel Radcliffe has certainly grown up, no longer Harry Potter but a versatile actor and I look forward to seeing his next project.

I would highly recommend this.