Welcome to Amanda Wilson’s  on-line CV/Resume cataloging her career and experience to date as well as projects that interest her and what’s in the pipeline.

Amanda is a creative person and keen photographer, often using her own work as inspiration for her designs.

Amanda has expertise as a Instructional designer, E-Learning Specialist, Web Designer and Technical Trainer and is currently employed as an Instructional Designer at the Manufacturing Technology Centre.

This site contains:

  1. Curriculum vitae
  2. Academic Focus
  3. Training and development projects
  4. Consultancy Projects
  5. Photography


Amanda can offer an employer a unique blend of technical and commercial skills, firmly grounded with the experience of enabling learners to achieve their goals using the most appropriate e-Learning methods and tools.

Amanda has experience of running projects with limited resources, to tight budgets and time frames and can offer a wide range of soft skills including time management, team working, negotiation, communication and interpersonal skills.

Amanda has the capacity to acquire new skills and is able to disseminate information and product knowledge to all ‘students’ regardless of their backgrounds and IT experiences.

Amanda’s time management and people skills have enabled her to work effectively with people from a variety of backgrounds and experiences while still providing the technical know how, support and hands on approach required to ‘get things done’.  This has enabled her to be extremely effective in Instructional Design, Learning Technology and Technical Training in both the commercial and HE sectors.

Amanda’s career has seen many changes, where the ability to obtain new skills, flexibility and enthusiasm have been fundamental to her achieving objectives in her career development as well as being able to develop other peoples skills, confidence and competencies.

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